A World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. Registration certificate is distinctive evidence of a purebred dog, thus identifying it as such. It also indicates that the animal's present owner is on record; also the owners of the sire and dam, and the names of the dog's ancestors.

  1. All applications for a single registration must be made on WWKC, Ltd. application forms, which will be furnished free and will not be returned to the applicant.
  2. If the applicant is unable to answer the questions complete in every detail, this shall constitute "Doubtful Breeding" and the dog will not be accepted for registration.
  3. The WWKC, Ltd. Registering Offices are a separate and distinct registration office and has no connection with any other registration office whatsoever.
  4. The information on this application is the sole responsibility of the individual signing it.
  5. The WWKC recognizes all registries. If the Sire is registered in one association and the Dam in another registry, use the registration number off each registration paper, put the abbreviation to show which registry the numbers came from, as the WWKC never changes the name and numbers of animals registered in another registry. Any WWKC registered animal can be traced, which makes it possible to register all breeds of dogs with the WWKC.
  6. All dogs must be registered with WWKC before the date of the first show where the dog is to be exhibited.
  7. Limited Registration is determined by breeder/owner. This service is available for $3.00 over the regular fee. Dogs cannot be used for breeding purposes and no litter registration can be applied for. Such dogs can be shown in conformation only after being neutered (may be entered in Miscellaneous Class).

Note: Any purebred, new breed or rare breed dog eligible for registration in any kennel club will be eligible for registration in WWKC.

Both Sire and Dam must be WWKC registered in owner's name before a litter can be registered.

The first transfer of a dog by the owner(s) to some other person(s) a supplemental transfer statement is requested. These forms are available from the WWKC Registration Department. The Fee is $20 over the normal fee indicated for registration.

***** Upon sale, all applicants for registration must be submitted to the WWKC within 30 days (this excludes first time registration from another registry). There is a late fee of $10.00 (U.S.) over the normal fee if past 30 days.

RUSH SERVICE is available on this registration application for $5.00 (U.S.) over the normal fee. (Application would be processed in a minimum of one (1) working day from the receipt provided the application is in order.)

Money Order Only for All Rush Services

The WWKC reserves the right to correct or revoke any registration certificate issued. Any misrepresentation of this application is cause for cancellation and may result in a loss of all WWKC privileges for those individuals who violate the integrity of this application.

We reserve the right to change any and all rules, fees, etc. ... without notice, anytime conditions warrant it.

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For all other information pertaining to WWKC Corporate By-laws, Code of Ethics, or an Application for Registration, please contact us at the address on our Home Page.